Forbidden City, Major Beijing Attraction with Traditional Chinese Architecturein Tiananmen Square

Located on the north side of Tiananmen Square, in downtown Beijing. Forbidden City was built around the year 1406 – 1420, has an area of ??720,000 square meters consisting of less more than 900 buildings, with 9,000 rooms which have a typical traditional Chinese architecture. This place is a Chinese imperial palace from the Ming Dynasty to the Qing Dynasty. who is now a major Beijing attraction, China. Forbidden City attract millions of tourists all over the the world every day ,It is the most visited ,and the most popular for each Beijing tour. The Forbidden City is also recognized as one of the most interesting palaces in the world, after Versailles, the White House, and others.

Forbidden City in Beijing China
Forbidden City in Tiananmen Square
Forbidden City in Beijing China
The Forbidden City Entrance
Chinese Architecture in Forbidden City Buildings