Gauley River Rafting, Most Popular New River Rafting Destination in West Virginia

This is the Gauley River, is situated on the River west Virginia, this river is the largest of the tributaries that flow from the east westward, this river together with the new river called the Kanawha River, a tributary Oiho. And Gauley rivers now become one of the new river rafting destination most popular in West Virginia, United States.

Gauley river rafting rapids have several options, easy, medium, and more difficult. with support from the Summersville Dam which was wide open each fall, which resulted in steep drops, huge waves, and the froth of water that is ideal for rafting, Gauley offers more than 100 major rapids, and divided them for class III-V.

Gauley River is divided into 2 main sections, Upper and Lower Gauley, which offers several options the best rafting trips all over the world, take the oars, and be prepared to hit the waves of river water, be prepared to get an unparalleled joy, invite your family and get an unforgettable experience.