Girona, Best Holiday Trips in Catalonia Spain

Girona is a famous historic city in Spain. These place Located in the northern part of the country, Catalonia, with some  monuments and museums buildings which attract thousands of visitors each year. good for family vacation travel, group, or personal holiday.  Girona a beautiful historic city that has something to offer. The most popular parts of the old city. It is still surrounded by walls and cover almost all major attractions. The town is dominated the cathedral gironska 14 to 15 century. In the cloister chapter can visit the museum, which has a rich collection of works of art with religious themes.

Girona also has a some Other tourist attractions such as local Eden garden. Other tourist attractions including the Tower of Girona city rounded up to the church of Sant Feliu, well preserved Jewish quarter, El Call, one of the best preserved Jewish quarters in Western Europe and the Arab baths Banys Arabs in the 13th century. The best views of the city can be appreciated from the Torre del del Llamp Telegraph. The busiest street of La Rambla the city streets of Girona. For more information on attractions in the city serve as an information center, located in the Rambla of the first Llibertat. besides offering ancient buildings and religious centers, Girona Spain also offer trips to several art museums and history museum.

And for accommodation facilities, Girona has a wide range of quality accommodation.  there are many quality restaurants and  Among the most popular restaurants include restaurants Cipresaia The Penyora, Drinking, El Bistro and vegetarian polenta. For entertainment at night, head in the neighborhood or Pedret Placa Independencia Square, where there is a whole series of nightclubs. Among the most famous clubs are a great club Sala del Cel, which occupies several floors, and regularly performs various DJs, mostly house and disco. My favorite is the house Aleshores club. For live music in summer you can go to the Parc de la Devesa.