Gokarna, Famous Tourism in Karnataka India

Gokarna which literally translates is a ears of cow, this is a village in the Indian state of Karnataka, in Uttara Kannada district. The village is famous for its tourism, especially in beach areas and temples. According to the story surrounding citizen, Lord Shiva was born here out of the ears of cow, in addition, this area is a meeting between Gangavali and Agnashini river the shape resembles a cow’s ear shape. Besides visiting with religious purposes, many tourists who come to vacation on the coast. with the presence of beach here, will give a more cheerful atmosphere, while for the temple make it a place of godly, thus creating a contrast that is very rarely found in other places in the world. There are many beaches are located nearby, which has small huts that serves as a residence along with many small shops and modern restaurants. like Om Beach, Gokarna Beach, Half Moon Beach, and Paradise Beach Kudle or Full Moon Beach several famous beaches in the place.

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