Grand Coulee Dam in Columbia River United States

Located on the Columbia River in the U.S. state of Washington, Grand Coulee Dam stands as a hydroelectricity and reservoir water used as irrigation, built around 1933 to 1974, which is building a dam with the largest concrete structure in the United States.

Grand Coulee Dam has a length of 1592 m, with a height of 170 m that can accommodate as many as 9,155,940 m3 of water, so it can generate a maximum capacity of 7079 MW, which is supported by the Turbine 33-27 x 6 x Francis turbines and pump-generator, the construction of Grand Coulee Dam construction cost of $ 2.5 billion, which indirectly creates Bank Lake.

Not only used as power generation and irrigation water reservoir, the Grand Coulee Dam also offers several performances for the visitors, such as historic photographs, modern turbines and dams, as well as a theater laser light show projected on the wall of the dam, which became the main attraction at the this dam, so the Grand Coulee Dam become one of the resorts are quite popular in the states of the United States, Columbia.