Great Basin National Park, One of the Most Popular Destination for Outdoor Activities in Nevada, United States

"Great Basin"

The park is a national park in the USA officially designated in October 1986, Great Basin National Park famous for groves of bristlecone pines, the oldest known non-clonal and Lehman Caves at the base of 3,982 m. with an area of about 77.000 this park covers an area of ??canyons, mountain areas, rivers and rain forest inhabited by some species of mammals,  reptiles, species of amphibians, and several species of fish. besides being one of the areas protected in the area of ??Nevada, Great Basin National Park is also one of the areas most often visited for those who like outdoor activities such as hiking, camping, biking, and other nature lovers. This national park is located about 470 km from Las Vegas, to be exact in the area of east-central Nevada.

"Great Basin National Park"

"Great Basin National Park"

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