Grouse Mountain in North Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada

Grouse Mountain is a mountain in North Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada, who became a fairly popular destination for fans of outdoor activities, like skiing in the winter, this is the site of an alpine ski area in winter are facing Greater Vancouver with four  chairlifts and 26 run facilitate. and hiking in summer. Ski mountain up more than 3,500 m above sea level, which has a vertical drop of more than 1,000 feet. The skier and snowboarder can use a ride to the Skyride to Grouse Mountain Lodge, in the area around the lodge, you can also enjoy the stunning beauty of the megalopolis shine in the slope.

Convenience and location of the unique terrain making it crowded by visitor, Skiers and snowboarders of all levels will enjoy the green slopes of the famous Cut it. You can try to Side Cut and Centennial are both gentle blue runs. For advanced terrain, the Olympic Express high-speed quad and double-black descents of Devil’s Advocate and Purgatory. Inferno and Blazes are more manageable single black diamonds. There is also a small terrain park for snowboarders.

This mountain is a unique place, which provides facilities for the tourists, they can easily find fine dining restaurants at Grouse Mountain Lodge, a small skating pond, and Theatre in the Sky high-definition theater. From across the mountain, you can see the lights of Vancouver, Lion’s Gate Bridge, and exit to the port city. If you are in Vancouver to the ski season, and if you’re looking for a place to fill up your activities in the winter, there is nothing wrong if you visit Grouse Mountain Vancouver.

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