Haeundae Beach, One of the Best, Most Famous Beach, and One of Major Korea Tourism

Haeundae Beach is one of the best, most famous beach, and one of major Korea tourism. This beach is a major goal During peak summer, these beaches have pristine sand, clear water, and definitely the perfect weather to make a sexy brown skin. There are many fun things you can do at Haeundae Beach, swim, relax under a beach umbrella that you can rent, along with beach mat, and inner tube to have fun in the water. If you walk around the peninsula, you will find a lighthouse which is equipped with observation deck, this place is also a popular destination for tourists to view the Nurimaru APEC House, Gwangan Bridge, and certainly, the beauty of the coastal region as a whole, regardless of day or night the beach is still beautiful to behold. Haeundae also has other facilities that will make you want more long travel in Korea, you can taste the local cuisine is available at several good restaurants, close to bars, and hotels near the beach.

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Lighthouse of Haeundae Beach
Nurimaru APEC House and Gwangan Bridge in Haeundae
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