Hagia Sophia Famous Building in Istanbul, Turkey

Being one of the attraction of foreign tourists, Hagia Sophia is a museum building that was inaugurated in 1935, which previously was a basilica and a mosque in Istanbul. This famous building has a beautiful architecture and monuments of great importance for both the Byzantine and the Ottoman Empire. who is now a museum in the Republic of Turkey by Ataturk command. The building is one of the world heritage site by UNESCO in 1985 because of the architecture and the richness of its history, including letters from the Ottoman empire which serves to guarantee, protect, and prosperity of its citizens. The main features of the architecture of Hagia Sophia Turkey is a large central dome, and the walls and ceiling of the church into a large piece of art that became the center of tourist attention. Almost every square inch of the interior surface is covered by a green, purple, and white marble mosaic, which is filled by an image like a painting. With an impressive history and beautiful architecture is restored, the church of Hagia Sophia was the main highlight of Istanbul.

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Hagia Sophia in Turkey