Halong Bay, Stunning Natural Beauty of Vietnam Tourism

Halong Bay is one of the most beautiful bay in northern Vietnam, consisting of small islands which consists of beautiful beaches, with beautiful rock formations. Most of these visitors come to explore Halong caves, with kayak or boat tour. some of the beautiful illuminated for the benefit of tourists and to the increase in Cat Ba National Park. There are few real beaches in Halong Bay, but it Lan Ha Bay which lies off the coast of Cat Ba Island has more than 90 sandy strip.

Halong Bay is a stunning natural beauty of Vietnam tourism, according to myth, created by a great dragon who lived in the mountains. Halong translates as the dragon fell into the sea. As the number one tourist attraction in the northeast, Halong Bay attract the flow of visitors throughout the year. In February to April, the weather in this region are often cold and drizzle. The next fog can make visibility is limited, but this adds ethereal air to place and the temperature rarely drops below 10 ° C. During the summer months frequent tropical storms, and boat tours may have to change their travel schedule, depending on the weather.

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