Hermosa Beach, One of The Best California Beaches

We meet again in Los Angeles with friends, after Redondo Beach, California still had the best beach, Hermosa beach, this beach town located south of heart of the city, before you return home, I recommend this beach town to your visit.

Hermosa Beach is very popular for sunbathing, beach volleyball paddleboarding, fishing at pier, and surfing, as in other coastal city of los angeles, Hermosa also has a beautiful coastline, you will see hikers, bikers, volli beach, and others. Facilities that also you get is the toilet, public bathing places, shops, equipment rental place.

this is the right vacation spot, both with families, couples or individuals, there are coast guard all day, so you pretty quiet with the safety of children and yourself, coastal areas are open from 7 o’clock and ended at 10, it is sufficient to perform some activity until sunset, Hermosa Beach is not yet over friends, you can search for a good night’s festive atmosphere, gathered together in laughter, until the sun betrayed you.