Highest mountain, Mount Everest

Everest is part of the Himalayas,which has a height of 29,035 feet, according to the National Geographic Society.

Everest has two main climbing route :
Of  Nepal and the northeast ridge from Tibet.
The higher you climb, the oxygen content of air decreases which resulted in very thin air in the mountains.
You can find the Base Camp at an altitude of 17,500 feet (5400 m) which was continued on
Camp 1 at a height of 20,000 feet (6100 m)
Camp 2 at 20,000 feet altitude of 21,300 feet (6500 m)
Camp 3 at 20,000 feet altitude of 24,000 feet (7400 m)
Camp 4 at 26,000 ft. altitude of 20,000 feet (8,000 m)
Summit at 29,035 ft altitude of 20,000 feet (8850).