Holiday Fun in the Historic City of Tarragona spain

"Tarragona Spain"

Cities in Spain have long been the target of the tourists around the world, particularly for travel tour of ancient and historic buildings, one of the Tarragona city, These is a famous city in Spain. It is located in Catalonia on the Costa Dorada.Tarragona has a monuments which become tourist attracts for many tourist, in addition to heritage building, the city has been inscribed on the World Heritage List of UNESCO since 2000. Tarragona Spain has a long history and many monuments reveal the past of the former capital and the administrative and commercial center of Roman Spain. Main attraction for those lovers of monuments and historian. Among the most popular sites in the city of Tarragona is the old city, the aqueduct of Pont del Diable,  cathedral. and many religious buildings. in addition to offering beautiful views of the buildings, in addition to offering beautiful views of the building, this place also offers a shopping tour of local goods, culinary tour, having fun at the port Aventura amusement park, beautiful beaches stricken area not far from the city, or see great celebrations and festivals around the month of September and May. which is suitable for family holidays.

Cathedral at Tarragona
Historic Buildings at Tarragona in Spain
Tarragona Beach Beauty