Holidays in Menorca – The Second Largest of the Balearic Islands

After enjoying the beauty of Mallorca / Majorca, Menorca go round the next step to complete your holiday trip, Menorca is also famous for its cheap holidays, but still provide an atmosphere of luxury and more adventerous to find a new charm and experience. Menorca is the second largest of the Balearic Islands, located in the northeast of Mallorca, with some beautiful beaches in the summer make Menorca is the tourism place a very desirable to visit.

Come to Menorca and all will pleasure you will get, some rental villas to enjoy luxurious spa treatments easily found in Menorca, while hotel and restaurant ready to accommodate you if you want to stay a few days for holidays Menorca.

Get it :
You can easily do flights to Menorca, and regular flights are available with Monarch from Birmingham, Manchester, London Gatwick and London Luton, Easyjet and British Airways also operates flights from several major UK and regional airports, and after being in Menorca airport you will be served by buses to get to Menorca.

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