Homewood, SKi Resorts in Lake Tahoe

Located south of Tahoe City in the town of Homewood, precisely on the western shore of Lake Tahoe, Homewood resort stands proudly challenging ski lovers from around the world, has an extreme point, and certainly a great view of the lake, Homewood ski resorts now become one destination for skiing adventurers  in the state of Califfornia.

Homewood resort has a top elevation of 2402 m, with the Base of the level of about 1899 m, with an area of 1260 hectares is devoted to sports, good for beginners, intermediate, and professional.

This one only a Tahoe resort is directly adjacent to the west coast, so a lot of visitors pause to see the beauty of the lake, beautiful, and amazing, ski trip that you get from Homewood resort must be perfect, powered lifts Lift 7 system, which lets you perform ski action from wherever you want, and the powder is perfect, you will see an average snow 482 inches, create an unforgettable ski vacation at Homewood ski resorts.