Iceland, Unique Place in Mainland Europe

Iceland is an country in Europe which is located in the Atlantic Ocean. This place is one of the most unique place in mainland Europe, has a unique interior which consists of upland with sand fields, mountains area and glaciers, Iceland is warmed by the Gulf Stream which is dominated by the temperate climate throughout the year. and what can you get from the holidays to Iceland is the view from Ice caps and glaciers, some streams that ended at a beautiful waterfalls, there are many things to do in Iceland, in addition only observe its natural beauty and wildlife that live in area, you can swimming in Blue Lagoon, which is a manmade lagoon, rich with mineral water and has an average temperature of 104 degrees Fahrenheit. you can also do a beautiful driving tour of the Golden Circle route to drive through the features of the southwest of Iceland in Reykjavík.

Glacier in Iceland
Icecaps at Iceland
Iceland Beauty Picture
Swimming in Blue Lagoon Iceland
Unique Place in Europe
Waterfalls in Iceland