Imperial Beach, The Best Summer Vacation in San Diego

If your goal this time to San Diego County, it is mandatory for you to stop in Imperial Beach, this can be easily achieved, if you come from downtown San diego, you will only make a short trip on Interstate 5, and you will find the beauty of Imperial Beach.

Imperial Beach is a coastal city in San Diego County, California, USA. with covers 6 miles of beach, Imperial is able to attract the attention of tourists, both local tourists, as well as foreign tourists, the tourists are usually engaged in beach volleyball, sunbathing, and surfing, which is the most popular activities, in addition to travel to the south toward the Imperial Beach pier, eat, and relax enjoying the beach atmosphere.

If you come during the summer months of August, you will see Castel annual competition, which is the largest sand castle competition in the United States, in addition to classic cars and a dog surfing contest.

And for the holiday season this time I recommend Imperial Beach to you, I’m sure your vacation this time will not be in vain, festive, and colorful, visit San Diego, and stopped to Imperial.