Indonesia Tourism

Indonesia is a country in Southeast Asia consisting of more than 15,000 separate islands, and Jakarta is the capital of this country, this is what makes this country rich in culture, in addition to stunning views of the islands are scattered, both for coastal areas, mountains and historical heritage, including the Borobudur temple, which is the grandest temples in Java, it makes tourism as one of supporting the economy. Usually the tourists the more concentrated to Bali and Lombok while on vacation to Indonesia, and diving and snorkeling are very popular among the coral reefs. If you are one of the fans of adventure activities, you should visit the tropical forests of Borneo “Kalimantan” , where orangutans become one of the main attractions in the area of virgin forest, this is one of the best destination for eco tourism, where you will find the forest tracks and paths to participate in an eco-friendly tours. Indonesia tour of the diverse flora and fauna and animals native forest in one of the spectacular National Parks such as Ujung Kulon in Java, Gunung Leuser in Sumatra and Gunung Rinjani in Lombok offers an extraordinary journey.

Indonesia Travel is one of the activities are quite popular among backpackers and explorers from around the world, so luxury resorts, five star hotels and vacation packages has been the thing that is not taboo and easy to find in some places of tourism in Indonesia, no matter in coastal areas and other areas. The country is also very famous for its parades and festivals are held, either on religious events and custom event that is still preserved, such as the Easter parades, Galungan Balinese  festivals and Balinese New Year, this is one of several festivals and parades which are held in this country, still there are many decent province you visit, other than those listed above which is equally amazing, both from the landscape, custom events, and culture.

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