Information and Things to do in Padua Italy

Charm of the towns in Italy have attracted thousands of visitors from abroad every year, like other cities, Padua has a building of historical buildings worth visiting, which is located in the center in the Veneto region. There is a local tradition of the most famous of this beautiful city, is the drink spritz that can be found in Piazza delle Erbe, Piazza della Frutta or Piazza dei Signori. Prato della Valle is a place where many young people gather, eat lunch or do other activities in between the statue statue for the afternoon.

Sherwood Festival is a big festival in Padua Italy that lasted one month which is held around June-July, this lively festival is held in a park outside the main soccer stadium Padova, about 10 minutes away by bicycle. Besides it, There are many historic buildings on the list are worthy of your visit. You can visit churches and museums use the public transport to Padua Card. One is the cathedral of Saint Anthony, The Oratorio de San Giorgio, which lies on the south side of the square next to the Basilica di Sant’Antonio, in the Scrovegni Chapel, the Palazzo della Ragione, the Jewish Ghetto, Palazzo del Bo, and the church made ??of bricks, Tempio della Pace Antonio.

Prato della Valle is the largest field in Italy, with an area of ??approximately 80,000 square meters. This place is a place where the tourists are usually gathered together local residents, History of a Roman theater and later became a night market, this place was renovated in 1775, with the statue-lined canal, which is placed just to be a good backrests.

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