Isola 2000, Famous France Ski Resorts For Ski Holiday

"Isola 2000"

Isola 2000 is a the most famous France ski resorts and the most frequently visited ski resort in the southern France Alps for ski holiday. It is located on the territory of the town of Isola, Alpes-Maritimes. Isola 2000 one of the Stations of the Mercantour, with Auron and Saint-Dalmas, and is managed by the Council of the Alpes Maritimes. It is located next to the Mercantour National Park and is about 90 km from Nice, France. Like other ski Resort, Isola 2000 is also equipped with several transportation and other facilities, such as the gondola, chairlift, and supporting facilities such as restaurants and hotels.

Isola 2000 Ski Resort in France
Ski Holiday at Isola 2000 France
Ski Resort Area at Isola 2000