Jan Mayen, One of the Island Destinations of Tourists from Foreign Countries Located in Arctic Ocean, Norway

Jan Mayen is a one of the island destinations of tourists from foreign countries located in Arctic Ocean, Norway. The island located about 500 km north of Iceland and east of Greenland. Jan Mayen Island has  over 55 km long and 17 km wide area. on this island there an famous active volcano and is the only volcano is still active in Norway. Jan Mayen Island has a big attraction at wilderness which located On the northern tip of the island, many people called this area is the North-Jan, is the only active volcano in Norway. These place is a popular destination for nature lovers, to travel outside the can with a great view in waters that are protected by mountains, this place is one of the popular cruises arctic trip.

Jan Mayen in Arctic Ocean Norway
Jan Mayen in Norway
Mountains at Jan Mayen Norway