Kakadu National Park, One of the World Heritage Sites in Australia

Kakadu National Park is one of the world heritage sites, national parks are located in the Alligator River Region of Northern Territory of Australia, is managed jointly by the Aboriginal and the Australian Government.

Kakandu has beautiful scenery, great waterfalls, animals and rare plants and Aboriginal rock art, national park covers an area of 1.9804 million ha, or about a third the size of Tasmania.

Kakadu National Park is the richest in flora in northern Australia, with more than 1,600 plant species which is the creation of the geology, the park also has more than 50 species of marsupials and placental mammals, in addition to the Wallaby, Kangaroo, Dingo, brown bandicoots , and black fruit bats can be found, One more, Kakandu is the habitat of saltwater crocodiles.