Kefalonia, Region of Greece Islands with Variety of Natural Beauty, Including Beaches, Caves and Spectacular Land

The island of Kefalonia or Cephalonia is a region of Greece islands, the island is covered by dense vegetation and offers a wide variety of natural beauty, including beaches, many of them inaccessible caves and spectacular land. Mirtos, the most famous of these beaches is a major tourist attraction, and was ranked fifth worldwide for its beauty. Fishing is very popular in the waters in and around the island, and the ports of Argostoli and Lixouri are the main fishing centers. Besides Fiskardo, situated about 53 km north of Argostoli. Overfishing can be a problem in Cephalonia, Ionian and the region in general.

Many tourists visit Kefalonia during the season, but as one of the largest islands in Greece, it is well equipped to cope with visitors. Most tourists stay in or around Lassi, a luxury resort a few kilometers from Argostoli and Skala  villages in the municipality of Elios-prone.  Many people throughout the world visit Greece to Kefalonia.

Fiskardo in Kefalonia Greek
Kefalonia Greece Island
Kefalonia or Cephalonia