Kennedy Space Center or KSC One of the Main Tourist Destination in Central Florida

Kennedy Space Center, “KSC” is one of the main tourist destination in Central Florida, located not far from Walt Disney World. offers restaurants, gift shops, which offer a variety of space-related gifts for children and adults.

If you want to get a different experience from the holidays with family in Florida, you can visit the Kennedy Space Center, Many astronauts have made ??their way into space from this complex. you can make a tour of Kennedy Space which open all year, offers a variety of presentations, displays and tours of space launch. includes shuttle launch schedule, space capsule, and some space artifacts such as Gemini, Apollo, Mercury and other.

You can get amazing experience of simulated rocket launch, complete with sound and visual effect when the launch occurs. you can also see the show of first moon landing in America. In addition, you can try a tour in the surrounding complex of buildings. observe the Shuttle launch, assembly, and then headed Rocket Garden.

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