Kos Island, Vacation in Greece

If you are looking for vacation spots in Greece, there is a good idea to visit the island of Kos, this beautiful place is situated in the Aegean sea in Keramiko. One of the uniqueness of Kos travel  is that you will get a chance to see a glimpse into the past the island. Ancient Agora is one of the archaeological sites located in Kos Town, this is a mosaic in the House of Europa, and Nymphaeum.

There are a number of excellent tour opportunities in Kos, if you can arrange to take yourself away to the beach. Tourist Train colors are always very popular and carry passengers around the main streets of Kos Town, For something a little quieter, spend a day exploring the mountain villages of Agios Dimitrios, Amaniou, Lagoudi, Zia and Zipari, to name but a few. Mastihari Village is also an attraction that is very relaxing, sandy beaches of the famous and very recognizable taste of Greece.

Kos beach is one of the destination of many tourists during the summer. you can find in around Kefalos Bay, You could spend days in Paradise Beach and Coast Langada. The far west side of Kefalos Bay is dominated by complex Agios Stefanos beach, while just over 30 miles to the south-west of Kos Town you can find Kamari Beach resort, seaside hotel complex and some water sports adventure.

Article from: kos.world-guides.com