La Plagne is One of the Popular Ski Area in France

La Plagne is one of the ski area in France is quite popular with altitude over 3000 meters, this place is situated in the mountains of the Tarentaise valley is also called Savoie. This place opened to the public in 1961, precisely On 24 December 1961. Initially, the ski area consists of only two drag lifts and four slopes. You can choose ski resorts scattered in eleven places. La Plagne is one of a handful of snow destination in the world which attracts more than 2 million visitors annually.

We start from Plagne Centre, this place is the first resort that opened in december 1961, located at 1970m. There is also Aime La Plagne Aime commune located in the 2100m, built, with designs inspired by the temples of Tibet. Plagne Village is situated at an altitude of 2050 m, Created in 1974, is where the 8-seater chairlift in La Plagne first. Les Coches made ??around 1980 at an altitude of 1450 m above Champagny. Skiing in La Plagne area served by more than 100 lifts with 2000 vertical feet down from the glaciers that covered the snow throughout the year. And Since 2003 the ski area has been accessible by car spectacular double-decker cable that can connect to the Les Arcs ski area, in the valley, providing more than 400 miles of walking between them and one of the world’s largest ski area. Via Wikipedia Image From 1, 2, 3