Lake Como, One of the Third Largest Lake in Italy

Located in Lombardy, about only 30 minutes from Milan, Lake Como is one of the third largest lake in Italy, among other lakes such as Lake Garda and Lake Maggiore, in addition to this lake is one of the deepest lakes in Europe ( Lago di Como ), with a depth of more than 600 feet below sea level. Lake Como has a natural beauty that never runs out to be enjoyed,  with its romantic villas, tree-lined mountains, and beautiful water. The town of Como has several beautiful historical buildings and churches, and there are several charming towns dotted around the lake, with historical villas and gardens, as well as quaint cobbled streets, great restaurants, and breathtaking views.

Lake Como Italy has many attractions, including the city of Bellagio, this area is a fairly popular destination for local and foreign tourists while visiting the lake, located where the three arms of the lake met, this spot offers a great view of the lake can be enjoyed on the lakeside promenade. Also you can visit some of the neo-classical garden, offers not only natural scenery of lakes and hills, the Bellagio also offers a unique city area, with roads winding cobbled, historic piazzas and churches, quaint shops, and if you want find hotels in Lago di Como, this is the right place. One more place that attracts thousands of visitors to Lake Como in Italy, this is the lakeside town of Cernobbio, this place also has a famous villas such as Villa d’Este.

lake como como offers outdoor activities for adventurers, like mountain biking, hiking, which also offers also shops and restaurants along the beach, and miniature golf course, which makes it a great destination for families. and if you want to do it, you should visit the resort town of Menaggio.

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