Lake Erie, One of Great Lakes in Ohio

Whether you’re looking for Lake Erie information, and what things to do in here? we will give a little information you want. This lake is one of the five Great Lakes which is located near the Canada Ontario, In addition to hydropower to Canada and the United States with the turbines at Niagara Falls. Lake Erie is also a place of family recreation and outdoor activities. and great for fishing purposes, you can get a great opportunity to catch salmon and small mouth bass holding bronze, walleye, yellow perch, Steelhead can be found in many rivers throughout the winter, in winter when the lake freezes, many of them build a fire bonfires on the ice and ice fishing on hole. For water sports, you can try your skills in a kayak along the lake, it is also one of the popular activities, with stunning views, between the steep cliffs and wildlife located in the vicinity, such as around Put in Bay, Ohio. Other activities you can do in Lake Erie is a diver, with a few wrecks, it’s like underwater museum, and you can explore every corner.

Public Parks

You can perform other friendly family activities in public parks scattered around the lake. like Long Point, which offers fun activities such as hiking, fishing, and enjoy a variety of birds and sea turtles migration. and much more State Park can be found.


There are many islands in Lake Erie, many of which are located in the western part of the lake, and every lakes has its own charm, like the Kelleys Island, Pelee Island, and South Bass Island, Put in Bay island village. you can visit these beautiful islands with boats, and ferries. Other Lakes

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