Lake Maggiore, One of the? Large Lakes in Switzerland, Italy

Lake Maggiore is one of the? large lakes in Switzerland which is located in the south of the Alps. located about 60 km between Locarno and Arona. This lake is a fairly popular destination in this region, its climate is mild enough during the summer as well as winter, thus creating the unique plants that are spread in several parks and gardens on Isola Bella and in Brissago Isole, which grow throughout the year. Since becoming a favorite for many tourists, Lake Maggiore is now equipped with modern facilities while still maintaining a classic charm, making it one of Italy’s best vacation destination. You will meet in Stresa and Baveno resort located on the west Borromean Gulf, with a classical ambience, while still offering a modern lifestyle, with shops and cafes along the lake. and if you want to visit both places, you can use the ferry, cable car, and bus stations can be found in Verbania. One thing that always attracted tourists, besides the beauty and activities in this lake area, namely the Woodstock Festival held in late July or early August in Mirapuri.

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