Lake Mead, Different Things to Do in Vegas with Various Outdoor Activities

If you want different things to do in Vegas, with outdoor activities, camping, and doing water sports, you can get it at Lake Mead is located approximately 48 km southeast of Las Vegas, Nevada. This place is the biggest man-made reservoir that occurs due to the manufacture of the Hoover Dam, located along the Colorado River, Lake Mead offer recreational activities throughout the year with various activities including, boating, camping, fishing reports, Lake Cruises, and see the wildlife with hiking. in addition, the area of ??the lake also has facilities that began in such developed campgrounds with hookups, hotels, marinas, Houseboat and jetski rentals, there are several restaurants and cafes around the lake area, because it has a quite beautiful place, rich in activity, and easily accessible, this place has become one holiday destination for many couples and families in Nevada.

Lake Cruises at Lake Mead Nevada
Lake Mead and Hoover Dam Building
Lake Mead Hoover Dam1
Marinas in Lake Mead