Lake Nasser, Famous Man Made Lake in the Waters of the Nile in Sudan

Lake Nasser is a man-made lake that was created as a result of a building of the Aswan Dam in the waters of the Nile in Sudan.  Near Abu Simbel territory. Built around 1958 in the territory of Egypt. This lake has a length of about 300 miles to the water depth of more than 500 feet. In addition to being a source of agricultural irrigation, the lake is also one of quite popular fishing spot which has the best freshwater fish in the world, such as species of Nile perch, Tiger fish, big fish Vundu, and several other fish species. In addition, the area around the lake are also very popular for those who want to observe various species of birds, like pelicans, herons, wild ducks, Egyptian geese, and several types of eagles. In addition to observing the historic sites of ancient Egypt, which still included in the area around Lake Nasser, either by boat or by walking on land.

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