Lake Powell, One of the Second Largest Lake in the United States

Lake Powell is a manmade reservoir created by Glen Canyon Dam on the Colorado River, this lake is one of the second largest lake in the United States after Lake Mead. With create the Lake, it also created recreation area called Glen Canyon National Recreation Area administered by the National Park Service. With more than 1,500 miles from Shoreline, allowing you to explore this stunning area, with Renting a house boat, relax in the resort, or try your skills in wakeboarding. Like most activities in the others lakes area, Lake Powell is also a fairly popular destination for fishing enthusiasts, with top-ranked fishing guide. In addition, they also offer the largest lake program, filled with educational activities tailored to age, where you and your family will be given an explanation of the usefulness of the lake as a national resource, about native plants and animals around the area, and also safety.

Other activities that often do visitors is Horseback Riding,  to explore the Grand Staircase Escalante National Monument, and to enjoy stunning scenery in the vicinity of Lake Powell. You and your family can also visit the John Wesley Powell Museum, where you will get a lot of learning that you can absorb, such as geology, history and culture of Native Americans. In addition, you also get to know the culture and traditions that still maintained both in the Navajo Village Heritage Center. Yes, Lake Powell is one of the lakes which are not only holds water, but also accommodate a variety of activities that are suitable for your summer.

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