Lake Titicaca, Puno Peru, the Largest Lake in South America

Lake Titicaca is located in the Andes on the border with Bolivia and Puno Peru. It lies 3812 m above sea level is the highest navigable lake located in the world. It is also the largest lake in South America extensious. It consists of two tanks alone, and the Strait Tiquina largest lake Lago Grande or so-called Lago Chucuit. The water comes from Lake of melting glaciers and five major rivers . There are 42 small islands in Lake Titicaca, some of them are densely populated. The most popular islands of the Uros are, for example, Amantani Taquile, Isla del Sol, etc. In the vicinity of the lake, it can be found archaeological sites from 2200 BC. Archaeological research and find objects in the water level has shown that the region was colonized by the Inca and Tiahuanaco culture.

Lake Titicaca Beauty
Lake Titicaca in Peru
Lake Titicaca in Puno