Lake Victoria, Great Lakes and Famous Lake in Kenya Africa

This is one of the world-famous lake, Lake Victoria or Victoria Nyanza, this lake is one of the Great Lakes in Africa. With a surface area of ??approximately 68,800 square kilometers, and contains about more than 2,500 cubic miles. Think what you like, this lake has attracted thousands of visitors, both local and foreign tourists, this is one alternative holiday destination in Africa, besides Safari to see wild animals. tourists hoping to enjoy the beautiful scenery. While visiting the coastal town of Lake Victoria in Kisumu in Kenya, and watching the sunset to the west over the largest lake in Africa is the most amazing thing, especially after a full day spent out and about. The lake is also Being a fairly popular destination for freshwater fishing’s most important in the whole of Africa, tourists who want to get out on the water may choose to go out with local fishermen for a day, using the fishing boats, Lake Victoria attracted more and more curious visitors today. Some vacation packages in Kenya, including their trip, and it’s a great addition to any holiday in Kenya.

Walking in the area of ??the lake, enjoying the gift of God’s creation that can not be trusted with Logic, Africa’s Lake Victoria is part of what is known as the Great Lakes of Africa. there is a ferry that connects the main towns on the lake, so you can always go up one of them hit a different purpose in different countries. Fishing lodges on the island Takawiri Kenya, Rusinga and Mfangano, makes for an excellent base for those interested in enjoying the Lake Victoria. These lodges offer guides and equipment, so you do not have to worry about anything except having fun. If Lake Victoria fish to bite, the guides at the lodge can help you find them. Lake Victoria perch and Nile tilapia are the two main species of fishes of Lake Victoria, formerly known previously as the Nile perch. A few different species of cichlid fishes of Lake Victoria also established fish populations, and their numbers seem to rebound, after the Nile perch was introduced to decline after dominating waters. Coincidentally, Nile perch is the most productive food fish in Africa.

If you are not interested in fishing in Lake Victoria, there are opportunities to hire a local boat and guide for non-fishing trip. You can hit the local villages and the array of wildlife along the road. Many bird species found in Lake Victoria in Africa makes a birder paradise ideal, and there is a good chance that over here, you may even spot a hippo! Ruma National Park, which is found in Kenya, offering up a rare animal species such as the Rothschild Giraffe and Antelope Oribi rather small. Become sufficiently remote, the park is often no other tourists, which can be fun for those who want to focus on nature. Incidentally, Ssese Islands Uganda into Lake Victoria in Africa’s popular holiday destination, so you might entertain the idea a few days in there to file compliment your trip Kenya. From Lake, you can also choose to head to either Mount Kenya or Mount Kilimanjaro, where the distinctly different experiences await you. Book safari on the side, and you enjoy just some of the best that Africa journey to offer.

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