Las Ramblas, Very Popular with Tourist Shopping and Culinary Tourism for Many Family in Spain

Las Ramblas is famous street in Barcelona Spain, about 2.5 km from Sagrada familia.  This begins a wonderful neighborhood of the famous Placa Catalunya Square and get this road towards the Olympic Port where there are several bars on the side of the road, you also will see Christopher Columbus statue. Las Ramblas is at the end of both sides lined with luxury shops, a myriad of restaurants with delicious food recipes, this is the place where the artist poured a lot of inspiration of arts. No doubt if Las Ramblas is very popular with tourist shopping and culinary tourism for many family in Spain, besides presenting the romantic atmosphere of each region.

Flowers Shops on Las Ramblas Spain
Art Gallery on Las Ramblas Barcelona
Artist Poured a Lot of Inspiration on Las Ramblas