Learn More About the Park’s History and Wildlife in Mammoth Cave National Park, Kentucky

"Mammoth Cave Park"

Learn more about the park’s history and wildlife in Mammoth Cave National Park, The park is a national park in the United States and a World Heritage Site by UNESCO located in the caves of Kentucky and the Great Lakes, The Park is home to more than 60 threatened, and endangered species. and Over 130 species are native inhabitants of the caves. Because of its great diversity of habitats, landscapes the park contains an extraordinary 1300 species of plants. and what you see in the cave is the incredible view which can’t you find elsewhere. these is what makes Mammoth Cave National Park much visited by tourists during the summer, doing a tour in the cave, diving, kayak in the river, and explore the area outside the mammoth cave park.

"Mammoth Cave National Entrance"

"Mammoth Cave National  Park Camping"