Legian Beach, One of the Few Best Beaches in Bali


Legian Beach is one of the few best beaches in Bali, located in the southern city of Denpasar. This place is an extension of Kuta beach. so you do not need a long journey to get it if you’re located around the Kuta beach area. Like what you would expect from a holiday in Bali, Legian Beach also offers a sandy beach which became a popular destination for local and foreign tourists when visiting Bali. besides offering stunning sunset views, Legian Beach also famous with Legian Street which offers shops lining the sides of roads, ranging from art galleries, tattoo, cafes, places of entertainment for those who want to spend a festive evening, and hotel. if you want to take full experience throughout Bali, you can rent a car or motorcycle with varying rates, to facilitate your travel in Bali.

"Legian Beach"

"Legian Beach Sunset"