Library Alexandria, Largest Library That Stores the History and Science of the Ancient World

Library of Alexandria was the ancient library in Alexandria which is the largest library that stores the history and science of the ancient world. Alexandria Library consists of rooms for studying astronomy, anatomy, as well as research institutions. This library was built in 1995 nearby the site of the old library (Bibliotheca Alexandrina), and newly inaugurated on October 16, 2002.  Alexandria Library has an area of about 40. 120 m. square, includes 9 groups study rooms, have the hives that are equipped with modern facilities, so that students can use the facilities of today’s technology like laptops that can be borrowed from the Learning Centre. In addition to having room to learn, Library of Alexandria also has a conference center, a special library for the blind, 3 museums, 4 art galleries, a planetarium, and the room of manuscript restoration laboratory. So, what can you get from a visit to the Alexandria library is Egypt’s science and culture, which is open also to exchange cultures with modern and evolving science.

Alexandria Library Interior Inside
Front of Alexandria Library in Egypt
Library of Alexandria Learning Centre
Lybrary in Alexandria