Lincoln Park Chicago, Largest Public Park with Recreational Activities

Make a  trip to Chicago will be complete if you’re  spent time in Lincoln Park with family. This wonderfully eclectic neighborhood, which can you found on Chicago’s North Side, These is a Chicago’s largest public park with 1,208 acre , cover many specialized spaces for recreational activities,  playgrounds for childern,  tennis, boating area, beach, Locations for the football, rugby, baseball, softball, cricket, football, volleyball, archery, golf course, driving range, fasilities for horse riding, adn some accommodations buildings such as apartment and others.  you’ll also find the renowned Lincoln Park Zoo.

This is the perfect place to meet all your vacation needs, see the beauty of nature and modern life together in a large garden. If you prefer to enjoy the sun, Lincoln Park Chicago has the North Shore Beach, which is the busiest beach in Chicago. During the summer months, this beach is a popular place to stroll, especially during the Chicago Air and Water Show is underway. The North Shore Beach is an ideal place to relax for a while, even during the colder months, as it offers stunning views of downtown Chicago to the south near.

Lincoln Park Chicago
Lincoln Park in Chicago
Lincoln Park Zoo in Lincoln Park Chicago