Luxor, Oldest Cities and Most Important of Egypt

Luxor is one of the oldest cities and most important of Egypt. Luxor is called the greatest outdoor museum. Today the city is the popular tourist center. Luxor summarized under the title often won three ancient sites, and Thebes, Karnak and Luxor itself. Luxor was built on the ruins of Thebes in Egypt.

Temple of Queen Hatshepsut is an unusual structure built into the rock. On the bank of the Nile is one of the best preserved temples in Egypt. The temple was dedicated to three gods, Amun, Mut and Khonsu. The most beautiful view of the temple is Aleje sphinx. Alley initially led to the Karnak – temple city of Amun. Sphinx alley near the great obelisk standing behind him, two large statues of Ramses II. Statues guard 42 m high and 65 m wide pylons. In the courtyard of the mast and the Great Colonnade 74 consists of a series of columns 16 meters tall. For the colonnade is the temple of Amenhotep III. On the bank of the Nile, you find an interesting place and the Museum of mummification. In the museum we can learn about the mummification process. There is a vision and tools necessary to mummification. The mummy museum is intact Masaherty. Among luxorskym and the Temple of Karnak is Luxorske museum. Here we can find many interesting objects discovered in Luxoru and its surroundings. Karnak is the largest temple complex in Egypt and Amonuv temple and the sacred lake kept skarabeem enormous. popular place for tourists, besides the workshop alabaster monuments.

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