Madagascar Africa, One of the Unique Places in the World

Madagascar is the fourth largest country in the world, and is one of the unique places in the world. This place is home to many species of animals and plants, where many plant and animal species have been developed in this country. If you are a fan of eco-tourism, this place is heaven for you, because travel to Madagasgar Africa offers an exploration into the many national parks, which offer a diversity of flora and fauna. Take a closer look on this country, in addition to offering the diversity of animals and plants, this place is also rich of unique culture, such as the Cultural Magalasy which is a relic of the Magalasy, is the descendants of Indonesian and African settlers. If you want to gain experience in the holiday resort on the coast of Madagascar, which still offers views of wildlife, we recommend you visit the coast of Nosy Be, the beach is located off the northeast coast of this country, where diving and snorkeling is one of the popular activities in the region this, in addition to just relax in the resorts and luxury hotels around the beach. In addition, if you want to visit other tropical beach, you can also visit the island of Sainte Marie, where migarsi humpback whales are the main attraction, around July and August. It is a quiet island inhabited by several species of the lemurs, sea turtles and a variety of marine life you can see while snorkeling or diving. Rain forest, desert, and the limestone karst formations are part of the Geography of Madagascar, and Madagascar Tsingy de Bemaraha National Park is one place that is quite popular in this country, if you want to visit it, this place is situated in the west. You will find beautiful waterfalls, limestone peaks, and the virgin forest, where the fish eagles, chameleons, lemurs, and several other endangered species can still be found. So what are the activities you do in Madagascar Africa, will surely be an unforgettable journey for life.

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