Makawao Maui Hawaii Vacation

Being one of the popular destinations for travel natural countryside, Makawao Hawaii is the right destination if you are looking for a relaxing holiday with a peaceful atmosphere and beautiful countryside with views of the sea far below, even including Makawao Attractions 18-hole golf courses are very good at Pukalani Country Club, overlooking the sea. These place located in rural northeast slopes of Haleakala, East Maui, the community known as the center of the “hinterland”, part of the island was largely dominated by agricultural land and livestock.

You can rent a car for the Makawao travel via Highway 37, called the Haleakala Highway, which starts from Hana Road not far from Kahului Airport. You can get a unique history of this rural Hawaii, the Makawao vacation Hawaiian cowboy involves , called paniolos. The first cattle on the islands, a gift to King Kamehameha I, arrived in 1793. This domestic beef cattle are added to the original called pipi ahui, which were hunted for meat and fat. Soon, the cattle trade growing, with countries such as Chile as one of the major markets. King Kamehameha III brought the first vaqueros from Santa Cruz in Mexico to the islands in 1830 to teach local farmers how to beef cattle breeding and taming the wild. This is known as the cowboys and wranglers paniolos, a Hawaiianization of Espaniolo word, which means Spanish.

In addition visiting to several farms, you can also arrange outdoor activities and adventure, Cattle would be driven down the slope to Lahaina and Honolua Bay in the slaughterhouse, near Kapalua. Today, one of the surf beach at Kapalua is still named Slaughterhouse Beach. If you fell on a Saturday and Sunday in Makawao Maui, you can enjoy horseback riding demonstration at paniolo rodeo weekend. On the fourth of July, the largest in the country paniolo competitions are held here. In addition to rodeo events, you can enjoy country-western dancing, big parades, and other celebrations. Maybe you will be a little trouble finding the right hotel in Makawao town, but you can take advantage of the few places in the inn secluded retreat in the beautiful surrounding countryside, which offers service Maui spa. You can also stop for a visit the various art galleries, craft shops, and boutiques. gives you a sense of small cowboy. Image courtesy of 1, 2