Mar del Plata – Best Beach in Argentina

Mar del plata is the best beach tourism Argentina, mar del Plata is one of the most visited each year, mar del plata is an old town preserved its beauty for many years well, so what you see is a small paradise Argentina, and named ” mar del Plata ” means silver sea, which lies 400 km south of Buenos Aires, Argentina.

You will find ancient buildings such as in Italy, with treated sand beaches and warm climate, allowing you to sunbathe and sit lazily in mar del plata, around January to March (summer) you will find that many people, rushing throng to the beach dense with argentina holidays, if you want to get a quieter atmosphere, try visiting mar del Plata in August to September (winter), beach and forget for a moment you will find shopping, dining, sports, museums also hotel to stay several days in Mar del Plata.

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You can get a Mar del Plata from Buenos Aires to take the bus (Retro), or can also get a shuttle service from the International Airport (EZE), travel time approximately 5 hours travel

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