Marseille or Marseilles at Mediterranean Sea in southeastern France

Marseille is also called the Marseilles is a city located along the Mediterranean Sea in southeastern France. this place is the oldest city in the country, which had been founded by Greek settlers in the sixth century BC, and is a great place to visit if you’re looking for historical things to do in France. Marseille France has a long history and rich cultural traditions as an important port in Western Europe. In fact, it is the ideal location an attractive bay Greeks to this area to start. To this day, Marseille is the busiest port in all of France. It is also the second largest city in France behind Paris, as well as urban areas and the third largest metropolitan area, behind Paris and Lyon. People from all over the world are attracted to this city on the sea because of its beautiful local, Mediterranean, and the wide range of historic and cultural attractions.

The natural beauty of Marseille is probably what first attracted people’s attention. This not only crystal blue Mediterranean Sea,  limestone cliffs,  rocky and inlets, and islands of Frioul alluring, but neighboring regions such as Cassis and Marseille, Aix-en-Provence, and the Luberon. Of the 6,000-foot mountain peaks, glacial inlet, and a beautiful lake and delta, for road stone, for centuries cafes and restaurants, and the Port of Marseille, there is a point of view of inspiration in every corner. Whether it’s vineyards and olive groves Aix-en-Provence or the glittering harbor of Vieux Port that you find accommodations outside the window, you are guaranteed to appreciate the magnificent view. For lovers of sun, you will also enjoy the ability to relax on some beaches, especially in Cassis neighbors. You can also see countless yachts and motor boats moored along the harbor and between Marseille and Frioul Islands. Service ferry runs back and forth from the Vieux Port ” Old Port ” to Frioul Islands where you will find activities such as resorts and attractions, an enigmatic medieval Chateau d’ If. Tourism is clearly an important part of any trip to Marseille of France, but it all starts with a temperate Mediterranean climate and easy way of life.

When visiting, you should not miss to slow down and enjoy the many cafes and restaurants in the city. Marseille is one of the capital of gastronomy in France, and local dishes and regional wines are not to be missed. Try a bowl of bouillabaisse and a glass of rose wine and just enjoy the good life is spent in the city gives you. Along with a wonderful gastronomic experience in Marseille France, you will also find a magnificent shopping, from independent artisans and open markets, high-end designers and boutiques. You’ll also be able to enjoy the famous museums, including the Musee de Beaux Arts and the Musee d’Histoire Marseille, as well as galleries and bookstores are countless. Marseille also contains some important historical opera house. Then there are cultural and historical attractions are countless really makes this city the place it is. The Basilique de Notre Dame de la Garde, the Palais Longchamp, Borely Parc, and the Chateau d’If just a few of the major attractions that draw people in hundreds of thousands to Marseille every year and every. This city combines distinctive cultural heritage and tradition with the unmatched beauty of geographical locations to offer tourists from around the world first class, and an unforgettable experience in the Mediterranean Sea.

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