Mazatlan, Big Destination for Those Seeking a Quiet Holiday on the Beach in Mexico

Mazatlan is a city in Sinaloa which is the state of Mexico, located across the southern tip of Baja California peninsula. Mazatlan is one of big destination for those seeking a quiet holiday on the beach, with the main attraction of this town is a pleasant trip in the area of ??Old Mazatlan offering national historic sites, and do activities around the beach. starting from the malecon, walking on beachside, good for walking, running or just sitting to enjoy the sunset. or go to Stone Island for Snorkeling, Dining, and riding horses along the beach. you can also spend a day at Aroma Spa, which is a World Class Massage & Spa services in Mazatlan. In addition, you can also try to play Golf at Estrella del Mar, which is the best Golf Courses in Mazatlan, Mexico

Beaches in Mazatlan
Estrella del Mar Golf Courses in Mazatlan, Mexico
Malecon at Old Mazatlan
Mazatlan Mexico