Mestre, Beautiful Site in Venice

Mestre Is the mainland suburb located in Venice. these place has some beautiful site, covers  sights in the main Piazza, beautiful theater of Teatro Toniolo, Piazza Ferretto with modern water feature and some restourant, or visit the Parco San Giulliano, it is the local park which is often used for outdoor concerts in the summer in Mestre, These also has canal sneaking across the center and little streets on town, interesting to be explore unique hotels, and some accommodation.

To learn more about hisitory, the best place is Mekhitarist Monastero, located near the Historical Museum Mekhitarista Monastero. Here you will learn about the island, Armenian history and cultural significance of the museum. Tours are also available and are highly recommended. Also, be sure to visit the Accademia Gallery, a treasure of Europe’s beloved treasure of art and culture. It houses the largest collection of art from master painters cherished throughout Venice. It includes art from the 13th century through the 18th century. A city tour is incomplete without a visit to San Giuliano Park, a park known for hosting events throughout the year. You can also enjoy Albanese Park, which has an incredible view over the lagoon. You should definitely also visit Teatro Toniolo, theater shared by the city for events such as concerts and shows.

Historic Buildings at Mestre in Venice
Street on Mestre Town
Tourist Attractions in Mestre