Minneapolis Institute of Arts in Whittier Minneapolis, Minnesota

Minneapolis Institute of Arts or MIA is an art museum located in Whittier, Minneapolis, Minnesota. And what is obtained from this art museum are some great works of world famous collection of artists.

This museum was originally founded by a number of Minneapolis residents, they established the Minneapolis of Fine Arts, as an act to introduce the arts to the community and bring the art in the life of their communities, and ultimately the Minneapolis Institute of Arts was formed more than a century later, this is one of the achievements great history and culture of civic involvement.

Minneapolis Institute of Arts has a collection that continues to grow, accounting for eight hundred works of art which includes 80 000 objects were collected, among his collection is a work of art that covers 5,000 years, who represent diverse cultures from around the world, including the African and American art, Asian art, art contemporary, decorative arts, textiles, sculpture, photography and other paintings. All displayed in permanent and changing exhibitions, displayed in a neat and attractive.