Moldova Tourism in in Eastern Europe

Located in Eastern Europe, and is bordered by Ukraine and Romania. Moldova is a small country rich in historical narrative which has now left the historic building which into a unique attraction, and became one of the major tourism sites in Moldova. Rich history and abundant opportunities to learn about the heritage, ranging from in the Moldova Kingdom 14th century, and many more. In addition, visitors will discover that Moldova travel is often dominated by an emphasis on excellent local wines, which is one of the best culinary journey in this place.

Before making a trip in this country, it helps if you stop in Chisinau the capital of Moldova, the city is more prosperous and cosmopolitan than many of the rest of the country, if you are one of the culinary enthusiast, this is the best for culinary purposes add to itinerary in Moldova, with excellent local food available at restaurants city with a very affordable. You and family can also visit the National Museum of Ethnography and Natural history, the oldest museum in Moldova, which contains the history and science of paleontology, zoology, and archeology, in addition to a botanical garden located at the base of the museum. In addition to this museum, you can also continue your trip to Door Holly, who also became one of the famous museums in Chisinau.

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