Mona Lisa at the Louvre Museum in Paris, France

Louvre Museum, is a famous museum in Paris, and during visit at Louvre Museum, you can recalled the history and see the collection of famous people past. Looking monalisa painting or see the statue of Venus de Milo famous, and became the center of attention of many tourist. but you must get crowded with visitors who want to perpetuate the image to be able to approach him. Louvre Museum is housed in the Louvre Palace built in the 12th century Louvre primarily as a place to display the arts collection, including, collection of antique sculptures and displays the works of other famous people. which include works of art from Egyptian, Greek, Etruscan, and Roman, Islamic art, Some Sculpture, Decorative arts, Painting, and drawing.

Lourve Museum Piramyd, France
Mona lisa at The Lourve Museum Piramyd
Venus De Mili at Lourve Museum
Veronese Cana Collection at Lourve Museum in Paris