Montreux Switzerland, Major City with Some Tourist Attraction on Old Town

Montreux is a major city in Switzerland. It is located in the canton of Vaud, on the northwest shore of Lake Geneva at the foot of the Alps at an altitude of 385 meters. this place has about 24,000 inhabitants. Montreux attracts visitors with its picturesque. It is also well known for its famous jazz festival.

Montreux is a pleasant town that has become widely known throughout the world because of the  International Roller Sports Federation, which combines all sports-related in line skating was founded on 1924. and now the city became one of the main objectives of the tourists from all over the world, good for family holidays and culture lovers.

The most interesting part of Montreux Old Town area of narrow streets that surround the street from Bridge Street. Another beautiful part of the city lies on the shore of the lake. It is full of hotels, restaurants and shops of the 19th century. The information center is located there as well. There is a lovely promenade of palm trees along the lakeshore. The most interesting monument is the Castle of Chillon. If you are interested in the history of the city, dating back to Roman times, visit the Museum of Montreux. The main square of the town’s market square-functions, for example the statue of Freddie Mercury.

Montreux offers a great range of activities. In summer, the bank of the lake is a perfect place for taking walks. The surroundings are very attractive for hiking and cycling. The small bays along the bank are popular for swimming and making picnics. There is also a great choice of various relaxation baths and cosmetic procedures in Montreux. In winter, you can go to the well-known ski resorts nearby, such as Les portes du Soleil or Ski Resort Villars-Gryon-Les Diablerets . Railroad lovers can visit the Swiss Vapeur Parcu or take a ride in the sight-seeing train Rochers de Naye, which will get you to a natural platform at the altitude of 2,042 m above sea level. You will be rewarded by an intriguing view of Lake Geneva .